What is Teacher-Centered approach? In this approach, teachers are the main authority figure; students are viewed as “empty vessels” where their role is to passively receive information. This approach measures student learning through test scores and assessments. On the other hand, Student-Centered approach works differently. Teacher and students play an equally active role in the learning process. The teacher’s primary role is to coach and facilitate student learning, overall comprehension of the material, and ensuring teaching and assessment are connected; student learning is continuous and never-ending. 

Experiential learning is one of the best ways to help younger children engage their interests and learning. Traditional education approaches can rob children’s passion in their interests. Being aware of your child’s interest is important as they mature. Empowering your child to try out different skills at a young age gives them the opportunity to discover what they enjoy and gives the parent to provide them the appropriate amount of support as needed. 

有些家長會問,孩子適合學怎樣的才藝,希望孩子透過才藝來培養耐心等等之類的。畫畫 是所有才藝最容易入門也較容易上手的,音樂和舞蹈肢體上的律動最能夠快速表達內心情 感。沒有哪一項才藝特別適合哪種孩子,每個孩子都有屬於他們自己的表達特色。無論何 種才藝都是需要一段時間去嘗試去接觸,從中得到鼓勵和成就的,往往比較容易持續下去。

**課程報名前 會有一對一面試分班



當我們接受的建議多了,自己的想法就少了。鼓勵孩子多樣性的嘗試,參予其中但是不介 入孩子的世界,誘導孩子表達出他們內心的世界。家長應該盡可能的閃避給予制式或自己 的答案,並且鼓勵孩子創造與眾不同的奇妙王國。

年紀小的孩子適合蜻蜓點水的模式去接觸各式各樣的課程,單一個學習模式不僅揠苗助長, 更是剝奪孩子對學習的熱忱。到了一定的年齡,每個孩子的興趣會越來越清晰。有的孩子 喜歡音樂,有的喜歡繪畫手工多,當孩子出現了對某樣才藝的衝勁,我們適時的投其所好, 搭配靈活以及實用的課程,讓技能與興趣相輔相成。

How to determine the best art program?


當我們隨著年齡的成長,我們面對的不再是單純的校園,時光飛逝的讓我們開始接觸充滿 挑戰社會。工作及生活上帶給我們的壓力都得透過各式各樣的行為模式來排解,這就是為 什麼培養興趣會如此重要。如果我們沒有一些工作以外的興趣,當我們遇到了煩悶的問題 時,我們便沒有管道去抒發這些負面的能量。

It’s challenging to develop your own opinion when you have too many voices. The best way to support your child is to have a positive attitude, be a part of their world, and not interfere. Be sure to refrain from influencing your child from your own past experiences, and allow your child to build and express their inner self.

As we grow with age, we begin dealing with real world challenges, and this can generate stress. Whether from work, social interactions or other challenges, an outlet is needed to relief these stresses. This is why having a hobby is important; hobbies can give your mind a break from anxiety. Having art as a hobby allows you to shift away from feeling anxious and stressed. Instead, you will feel focused, relaxed, and confident by channeling your attention creatively. 

Why Art?

Teacher-Centered Approach vs Student-Centered Approach

我的孩子適合嗎? 什麼課程更適合我家孩子?


When is the right age to start?

How can I encourage my kids?

什麼是開放式的教育?顧名思義就是一個沒有框架標準答案的教育;反之填鴨式的教育就 是一個問題一種答案的教育模式。兩種教育模式各有優劣,開放式的教育是一種長期投資 獲利,適合長時間興趣培養的學習模式。填鴨式教育屬於短期獲利的投資,適合應付學校 考試等急迫性需求。


Some concerned parents would ask what type of art should I encourage my child to partake? How will it help my child develop useful skills? There are pros and cons for each type of art. Drawing is relatively easy to start and develop skills, whereas music and dancing allows for self-expression. There isn’t a one-type-fits-all suited for every child. Every child is a different individual and have their own particular interest and talent. Children need to be given time to explore different types of art. The one that gives them a sense of accomplishment is the one they will likely gain the most from and continue with.

** We will have 1 on 1 interview before the class.