1) 學生因故請假或無法準時,家長應及時通知學校,課堂名額僅保留 2 週**若學生生病應在家休息,避免疾病傳染。
Parents should notify schools in a timely fashion if the student will be absent for the class or be late to classes. Spots of class can only be held for up to two weeks.
**Please stay home and rest if the student is sick J it is for their benefit and everyone else’s’

2.) 不得破壞學校財物,屢勸不聽,需按價賠償。
Students are responsible for any damage or loss of equipment  

3.) 教室內僅能飲水,其他含糖飲料及食物不得在教室內食用。
Any drinks or food inside the classroom are NOT ALLOWED, only water is allowed

4.) 不得攜帶任何危險及貴重物品入校,一經發現,立即沒收,若有損壞或遺失,學校概不負責。
The school does not allow dangerous items to be brought on to the premise, any items found will be confiscated (please adhere this with common sense). The school is also not responsible for loss or damage of personal items

5.) 學生因違反學校規定造成的任何意外,責任自負,學校不承擔任何法律責任。
Students are responsible for following the instructions of the teaching staff. The school is not liable for any injury or accidents due to insubordination 

6.) 學生嚴重違規,學校勸阻後仍然無效,學校有權剔除在學名額,學費概不退還。
The school reserves the right to expel any student who is a repeat offender of violating classroom rules

7.) 家長在上課期間未經學校同意不得進入教室內陪讀或觀看,避免影響老師以及其他學生上課品質。
Parents must acquire permission by the school to enter classroom to observe or accompany their child

8.) 家長送孩子上課時應確定學生交付於老師後才離開。
Parents must be sure their child has safely checked in with the teaching staff before they leave the premise