​Apollo School of Art is a new-concept art school that advocates playful learning; we provide a wide range of art programs to nurture and guide students to develop a passion for art. We offer visual arts, digital art, and Virtural programs. Our class sizes are capped at a maximum of 6 students to accommodate each student’s specific needs and establish a friendly and flexible learning environment. 


阿波羅藝術學校(Apollo School of Art)是加拿大一所新式才藝培訓學校,提供了各類藝術繪畫興趣培養課程。小班制的規模來維持教學品質, 沒有死板傳統的約束,並以優質、安全、溫馨的教育環境,創造友善學習空間。專業老師 以及輔導員從旁引領各個年齡層的學生提升學習動機與專業素養,培育具有技能與興趣的 雙軌能力,達到「終身學習」目標。