• Program Tour Video ( 導 覽 影 片 )
  • Rate of class is 1 on 4.
  • 課堂比例 1 對 4
  • Class offers drawing medias and tools
  • 提供課堂材料跟用具
  • Disinfect all utensils and seats for each class.
  • 課後消毒課堂用具及座位
  • If student is not wearing a face mask, he/she is not allowed to leave their seat during our class.

  • No class during Holiday and Weather Alert( will notice on our school page.)
  • 所有國定假日及氣候警報放假 (會及時公布於學校網頁)
  • If students miss a class, there is a make-up class on every Monday at 4:00pm . (lecture by Tracy Wang)
  • 所有缺課的學生,統一線上補課 (每周一4:00pm-5:00pm 由 老師Tracy 網路授課)
  • If students need to take a vacation over two weeks, they might needs to re-scheduled class time.
  • 如果需要請假超過兩週的同學,返校時需要重新安排上課時間
  • Students will be withdraw when miss 2 class in a month.
  • 單月缺課2次以上,會暫時被移除課堂名額
  • We will keep all your amount of the class balance for 3 months when you have to stop the program. 
  • 因故需要長期請假,課堂數可保留 3 個月
  • There is no refund for any reason to stop the class. (Only when our teacher or school cannot offer the course)
  • 課堂費用不因任何原因退費 (除非學校無法再提供因應類型的課程)
  • If students late for the class, we only snooze for (max.) 5 minutes.
  • 如果學生遲到,課堂僅延遲5分鐘
  • Stay home when you are sick.
  • 身體不適的學生請居家休養

In-Person Program
(Lecture by Cyc Chen)

$150 / 8 Classes | one hour class

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