Class Package

來組織你自己的班級, 人越多省越多!

  • $70 / per class
  • $600 / 10 classes

How to work? 如何運作?
1.) Each class will has a leader who assembles his/her classmates. (Max. 6 per class.)
每班一名班長,班級學員由班長組織 (一班最多6人-以維持課堂品質)
2. ) Sign up a time schedule with a teacher of Apollo School of Art.
3.) A leader and classmates will share the class fee whatever how many people are.
4.) we charge from a "leader of the class" by class or monthly

Which classes can use this offer?那些課程適用?
1.) Art Class (offer for 6 years old and up) 

Why this offer is good?為什麼這個計畫適合我?
1.) Classmates were knowing each other; therefore, children are more comfortable during our class.
2.) Classmates split the tuition fee, which also reduce everyone's class cost.

1.) No refund. ( only Apollo School cannot continued class ) 不退費 (除非學校方面無法繼續課程)
2.) Whatever how many students come to a class, we do not reduce or increase our class fee. E.g. 1st class was 5 students and 2nd class was only 3 students, we both charge $60 ($70) for each class. 無論一班最後來了多少學員,課程費用不會增加或減少, 統一固定$60 ($70) 一班
3.) The tuition covered all art supplies for each class. 費用包含了材料費